Past Classes

  • Writing Summer Poems Inspired by Mary Oliver
  • Muse as Mermaid: Saltwater Poems
  • Poet as Scientist (Part 1)
  • Tarot Poems
  • Poet as Scientist (Part 2)
  • Inviting the Poetic Sequence
  • Free Range: Poems from your Cell Phone
  • Keep Going: 10 Weeks to a Better Writing Practice
  • Writing Winter Poems Inspired by Mary Oliver
  • Hygge Poems: Writing the Cold Away with the Cozy Danish Concept
  • Shelter in Poetry (1 day workshop)
  • Very Superstitious: Off the Wall Poems
  • Beyond Ekphrasis: poems using techniques of visual artists
  • Night Writer: Poems from the Darkness
  • Poet as Scientist (Part 1)
  • Haunted Poems
  • Guilty Pleasures: Poems of Indulgence